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Network Audit Advisor is a universal network PC audit software used by thousands of network admins worldwide. It performs fast and reliable agentless PC audit: software, hardware audit and changes management

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Network Audit

Complete network audit can be handled accurately and totally automated in a multi-OS network environments. Network Audit Advisor ensures each and every node is scanned and all the needed information is retrieved. You can audit your network agentlessly or using an exported agent utility, which can be run using a domain Logon script or right from a USB Flash drive


PC Audit Software

PC Audit Advisor collects information on systems, hardware and software in your network. It easily extracts details on all components of any PC or Mac, Linux box or SNMP devices. This PC audit software is professionally designed to build accurate audit reports about PC's hardware and software being an invaluable tool for network admins, system integrators and every technical expert


Computer Audit

Our enterprise-level computer audit software lets any business audit the whole network in just a matter of minutes. Plan hardware and software upgrades, optimize and save on licensing, improve security configuration thanks to deep and detailed computer audit of every node in your network. Manual data entry is also supported so you can audit all non-IT assets


Software Audit

Network Audit Advisor lets you manage your or your clients' software licenses, OS updates, hotfixes and patches, system configurations, allowed, forbidden and changed applications. Network Audit Advisor automatically builds an all-in-one central repopsitory with every report you might need in relation to software audit


Hardware Audit Software

FireLans hardware audit software meters and reports on your network servers, workstatios, laptops and every IP-enabled (SNMP) devices across an enterprise. While easy to use, Hardware Audit Advisor is really powerful in tracking hardware changes, alerting you on important hardware-related issues in your network and exporting this data into multiple formats


Flexible Reports

FireLans Network Audit Advisor features a set of customizable templates and pre-defined ready-to-work reports. Using tabular or list views you can present the data exactly the way you need or your boss requires. Export any report into CSV, HTML, SQL, XML, etc



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